WordPress training in Calgary

WordPress is an Open-source CMS-based platform used by millions of businesses. It plays important role in today’s marketing. It is used for blogging, designing, and developing websites. It has various free plug-ins, widgets, and customizable themes that help in the creation of a beautiful WordPress website and blog. With the help of this blog, you can increase your business reach. Due to the growing popularity of WordPress, there is a huge demand for WordPress freelancers in the market. There are many freelancers in Calgary who opted for WordPress training and now they are working good as a freelancer or as an IT Consultant. Calgary Web Solutions has designed the course for individuals who aspire to create a stunning Website for their own purpose or for their clients.

Best WordPress Training Institute in Calgary

Are you looking for a WordPress training course in Calgary? You are at the right place! Calgary Web Solutions Digital Marketing Company provides the best WordPress training in Calgary, Airdrie, Chestermere, Okotoks and nearby areas.

Our WordPress Courses are designed by well-experienced software professionals. WordPress is considered a robust content management system that allows users to directly Create content and manage it. In our program, our expert will educate you about all the features of WordPress such as the creation of a blog, how to publish posts and use classic editor, how to automate social media sharing through WordPress, how to build an online business using WordPress, knowledge about WordPress plugins, how to customize a WordPress theme, and how to change the appearance of the WordPress websites. Our instructor will guide you to create a Search Engine Optimization (SEO)-friendly website that helps you to rank on different Search Engines. This training is equipped with highly talented and smart live instructor Perry Minhas who cultivates the best training to provide you industry-best training experience. 

Search Engine Optimization Friendly Website Training

The website works as the face of the business. It helps in creating awareness of your product and services among your target audience. But, in order to create visibility of your website in the competitive market, it is very important that your website rank on various search engines such as Google. Calgary Web Solutions has designed a WordPress training course in such a way that you will not only learn to create a website but you will learn to create a search engine-friendly website. Our Instructor is having years of expertise in creating SEO-friendly WordPress websites. He will provide you training on the creation of a website as per Search Engine Optimization (SEO) standards. So, What are you waiting for? Contact Calgary solutions to get more information about our customized course.


In-Person WordPress Training

Calgary Web solutions offer in-person training to students where students can have direct interaction with the instructors and clear all their doubts. During the training, our instructor is more focused on giving detailed knowledge of each and every feature of the WordPress website.


Benefits of In-person Course

Get personal attention from the instructor

In-person training there will be direct face to face interaction with the instructor. So, you will get more attention from your instructor as compared to the Online mode of training and will also brush up your skills.

It provides more hand-on Experience

In-person training helps in getting hands-on experience in practicals and will helps each and every hurdle you face during the training.

More Clear understanding of Concepts

Online training mode is good enough but if you are seeking a better understanding and skills improvement, this is the best place you can get trained.

Get a personalized time

As we all know it is very difficult to give every individual specialized time from the WorPress Instructor during online mode training. So, this personalized training will help you in getting specialized time and your business-specific training which will help you in boosting your skills.


Why Choose Calgary Web Solutions for WordPress Course?

  • Create a New Website during the course
  • Save your money and Update the existing Website during the course
  • Immediate solutions for all of your queries related to WordPress
  • Weekend and Weekdays WordPress batches both are Available
  • Get training from industries experts
  • Get free WordPress theme
  • Both live online training and offline training are available



Are You Eligible For Training ?

At Calgary Web Solutions, we have no limitations until you are eager to learn and work! Our only requirement is that our clients and students should be willing to acquire some skills. WordPress development is the key to a successful future! Don’t you want to have a successful and manage your small business’s Web-related activities? If yes, Enroll yourself in an instructor-led WordPress course in Calgary Ab now.

We strongly believe in quality over quantity. The only instructor-led one on one classes provided to maintain our standard in Southern Alberta


Chapter 1 : An Introduction to WordPress

Chapter one is the building block of the WordPress course. In this, you will learn about the basic fundamental functions of the WordPress system and understanding some features of WordPress such as themes, plugins, blogs, websites, and so on.

Most popular Content Management System being used in the World. Almost one-third of the Internet is powered by WordPress. Used by Governments, Schools, Non-profit Organizations and Fortune 500 Companies.  

  • Comparison of WordPress.com and WordPress.org
  • Difference between a blog and a website



Chapter 2 : Installation of WordPress

For making a stunning website, we required a Domain Name and hosting. So, in this chapter, you will get training about how to buy a domain and hosting and how to install WordPress on the hosting in order to start creating a stunning website for your business or clients.

Localhost Installation
Domain Name
Hosting Space
Server Installation
c-panel, FTP and wp-admin

Chapter 3 : Components of WordPress

In order to create a website on WordPress, you have to get familiar with various components of a WordPress website So, In this chapter, you will get an overview of different components of WordPress and their uses in the creation of a website. Dashboard Introduction
Pages and posts
Menus and Widgets
Categories and Tags

Chapter 4 : How to create and edit pages and posts

A website Consists of various pages and posts which describe companies’ products and services. In this chapter, you will learn to create and edit pages and posts.

How to create content and publish posts
using category and tag
Previewing and editing pages
Difference between page and post
Page Hierarchy

Chapter 5 : Introduction and installation of plugins

Plugins are the software that enhances the features of a website. In this chapter, you will learn about different plugins, their importance, their uses, and how to install them on the website.

Introduction to Plugins
WordPress Plugin Search
Finding best plugins
Uninstalling Plugin
5 Most popular plugins

Chapter 6 : How to change appearance of WordPress Website

Web Design is a very important part of every site. It helps you to make your site attractive. Good web design plays a major role in marketing your business. It can captivate your target audience and can help you in getting more leads for your business. In this chapter, you will get training about the creation and customization of site themes using WordPress.

Using the appropriate theme
Customizing content with Menus and widgets
Page builders
Understanding CSS Basics

Chapter 7 : How to optimize your Website

Optimizing your site is an important step after the creation of a website. In this chapter, you will learn about the optimization of websites.

Installing WordPress Caching Plugin
Optimizing images
Using a theme optimized for speed
Optimize background processes

Chapter 8 : Introduction to popular WordPress Themes

There are many themes are provided by WordPress such as news themes, health, and blogging themes. In this chapter, you will get an introduction to various WordPress themes and how to use them.

Default editor Gutenberg
Classic Editor (Needed HTML to change the layout)

Chapter 9: Media and Image Optimization

In order to create an attractive WordPress site, we use a lot of images and videos on the website. But, it can increase the loading speed of the website which can result in lower user engagement on the site. So, in this chapter, you will learn about how to maintain images and videos on the site by optimizing them in an efficient manner.

  • Adding images into posts and pages
  • Embedding videos into pages and posts
  • Managing media files
  • Image SEO, size, and alignment
  • Image Alternative Text


Chapter 10: Updating WordPress site and user roles

In business, we need to share website access with developers, authors, and so on. In this chapter, you will learn how to update your WordPress website and sharing access with others without sharing login IDs and passwords with others.

  • WordPress Software, plugins, and themes Update
  • Admin / Super User and adding a new user
  • User Roles and their Capabilities


    The best WordPress training in Calgary: Frequently asked questions

    Q 1 – What is the WordPress training course Fee?

    Answer -It’s a customized course tailored to the needs of the individual. As such training fees vary from one student to another.

    Q2 -What is the duration of the WordPress training course?

    Answer – Depending upon the topics to be covered and the theme we use, it may take a minimum of 10 hrs. and duration increases as we have more modules in the syllabus.

    Q3- Do you provide live online WordPress classes?

    Yes, Nowadays many students prefer the online mode of training. So, We do provide online training to our students.

    Q4 -Do you provide free WordPress themes along with the course?

    Ans – Yes, We do provide free WordPress themes to our students.

    Q5- Do you have weekend batches for Online WordPress training?

    Yes, Calgary Web Solutions offers online training batches on weekends too.

    Q6- Do you provide training for creating a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly WordPress site?

    Answer – Yes, It is very important to create and develop a Search Engine Optimization SEO-friendly site in order to rank on different Search Engines and outrank competitors. So, Our instructor makes sure to provide proper guidance to our students, so that they can develop and create a search engine-friendly WordPress site.

    Q7- How many WordPress web development live online or offline classes will be provided by Calgary Web Solutions?

    There will be 10+ WordPress web development classes

    Q8- Is it difficult to learn WordPress site Development?

    No, it’s very easy to learn. Anyone even without a coding background can learn to create a WordPress site.

    Q9 What all certifications, I will get after completion of the WordPress website design course from Calgary Web Solutions?

    Ans- We provide quality training and knowledge is imparted in our training sessions. As such no certification is provided to our students

    Q10 – Do We need any coding background to learn the creation of a website on WordPress?

    Answer- No, there is no need for any knowledge of coding to learn WordPress.

    Q 11- What are the skills I will have after completion of the course?

    Ans- After completion of the WordPress training, you will be able to create your own website on WordPress. You will be aware of the new features and you will be able to create and manage posts and other media of a new site using beautiful WordPress themes. You will be able to design, develop, customize, and manage any WordPress website.

    Q 12- Is the EMI option available for the students at Calgary Web Solutions?

    The course is affordable. So, it does not require a fee to be paid by EMI. For more information, you can contact at

    Q 13- Does Calgary Web Solutions provide free demo classes?

    We do not provide demo classes, as we believe this is a fake process to lure the students and convince them to join the training. We are simply professional WordPress and SEO experts who believe in training with live projects.

    Q 14- Do you provide E-Commerce Website training on WordPress?

    Ans- Yes, We provide WordPress courses ranging from basics to advance levels. In the advanced program, we provide guidance on the creation of a website. For more details contact us.

    Q 15 – How can I become WordPress Developer?

    Ans – After joining our course you will learn web design and development on WordPress which can help you to become a WordPress expert within a few weeks.

    Q 16- What are the different modes of courses offered ?

    Online Courses

    Offline Courses

    Q 17- What are the various payment modes do Calgary Web solutions offer to students?

    We offer various modes of payment options such as E-Transfer and Cash

    Q 18 – What makes Calgary Web Solutions, the best choice for WordPress training in Calgary

    At Calgary Web Solutions, we are focused on proving practical knowledge more rather than on theoretical knowledge. Our instructor is having years of experience in developing WordPress websites and providing training to students. We make sure to maintain quality training and provide it from the very basics so that even a person with a non-technical background can understand easily and get hands-on experience on projects. The best part is of the training is that he makes sure to provide guidance on how to create search engines friendly website so that it will be easy to rank on different search engines. Course materials for training wordpress are also provided.

    Q 19 – Who Should learn join this Course?

    Anyone can learn WordPress web development course as it does not require any technical background. This course is most recommended for those who are running their own business or willing to run their own business and are looking for a website or online store to fulfill their marketing needs.

    Q 20 – Where is the best WordPress website design training institute located?

    We are located in Jacksonport Professional Centre, NE Calgary. Some of the nearby small and medium business complexes are Cityscape Landing, The Port, Jacksonport Plaza. We are just 1 minute walking distance from Jacksonport Car Wash and almost 5 minutes drive from the intersection of Deerfoot and Stoney Trail in NE Calgary Ab.

    Along with SEO Services in Calgary, the best Internet Marketing Company also provides SEO training in Calgary.

    Wordpress Expert Pery Minhas

    Perry Minhas

    WordPress Instructor

    Your own Calgary based WordPress expert provides guidance and training to newbies who want to learn WordPress from the scratch. With one on one training with an expert, you can get proper professional training in WordPress course with personal attention and program-oriented dedication. You will be given different exercises to discuss with Perry. The initiation of this interaction would help you know about various tricks, ideas, and concepts to bring out the best in you. Perry has been working as a freelancer WordPress Divi based developer for the last 5 years.