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Calgary Web Solutions, the best Digital Marketing Company provides exceptional personalized SEO Training as per the individual needs of the student to any business owner or Marketing Professional who wants to learn or hone the skills in the Industry. Highly experienced SEO Consultant with a proven record in SEO and Digital Marketing field provides 1 on 1 SEO Course, who is willing to learn and master the Search Engine optimization. Getting to the top of Search Engine Results Pages is one of the online marketing strategies for which our instructor provide training in customized digital marketing courses.

Brief Introduction about SEO Training and its benefits to your business in Calgary

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a digital marketing technique in which business websites are being ranked on Page 1 of several Search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo, Duckduckgo etc. This marketing module is considered a High ROI generating technique in the digital world due to great benefits. Here are some of the benefits of SEO
1 The first benefit of SEO is that it can give you long-term permanent benefits. That means, if your website comes on the first page then it can stay there for a long time. Unless and until you or your marketing professional doesn’t violate the search engine policies or algorithms.
2 The second benefit of SEO is that you don’t have to pay search engines for clicks like PPC advertisements.
3 It gives long-term branding opportunities for businesses. For example, if a business keyword has 5000 searches per day and your website displayed on Page 1 of search engines then it’s a high probability that your potential clients can recall your brand name also.
SEO has only one drawback i.e. it is time taking process. In the process of SEO, you need high patience. If you have capability to deal with it then with the time obbviously, you don’t even need to launch a paid advertisement. It can establish a business to such a high level, which no one can imagine without much investment. From a career point of view, the field is better than many professions if you know tricks and strategies to implement. Which we at Calgary Web Solutions Digital Marketing Company are committed to teach you.

Need for SEO Training in Calgary

As we all aware of the fact that Calgary is considered as the hub in Southern Alberta, Canada. People from Different cities Airdrie, Chestermere, Red Deer, Drumheller, Okotoks, Henna, Brooks loves to visit this location and want to pursue jobs and education related to Different industries. Also, Calgary is one of a few cities in Alberta, that is also famous for its service industries like IT firms, etc. It has been now a well established fact that Internet Usage increased and people start searching for services or products online.
Due to this, the small, medium and large business owners of different industies and as well as fortune 500 companies are also aware of the importance of making a presence online. So if you want to do a job in Calgary and want a good industry that has good salary growth then SEO is the right thing. In this course, you’ll learn how to increase website rankings on SERP’s (Search Engine Results Page )  of Google and other search engines and also with the help of this you can even do your own business. From Job point of view you can get a good opportunity and 100% placement in this field as a business person now knows the importance of making a presence online for their business website.

Our SEO Course Modules

Here is the training module of our search engine optimization course which helps you in learning the finer details of the program:
Basic SEO Training – This is the no.1 module of our search engine optimization course program. In this module, you will get a basic introduction to Search Engine Optimization. This module is a must for beginners who are new and barely know about Search engine Optimization.
Technical SEO  – In this part of the training, you will learn technical search engine optimization. Technical search engine optimization knowledge is a must to rank on any Search Engine. This module includes the site structure, URL structure, check technical error, heading hierarchy, SEO Plugins for WordPress websites, count number of internal links, etc.
Site Structure Optimization Training – Site Structure Optimization is one of the main components of the search engine optimization Course. In this module, you will learn how to optimize the site according to Bing, Google & other search engines so that your website can be on the first page.
Content Optimization – Content Optimization is the main and basic ranking factor. In this module, you will learn how to right & optimize content according to ranking signals of search engines. As they say Content is king, we also focus on writing quality, relevant and unique content.

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Our Process & Philosophy

Personalized Approach

Expert SEO Trainer having over 8 years of hardcore industry experience

No Hired Faculty

Training to corporates and individuals alike

“I can’t believe how fast my Knowledge improved with SEO Course”

In Calgary, There are lots of SEO courses out there but not many that are specifically tailored to your business. Perry does all the necessary groundwork and analysis of your website before the session in order to ensure that the 12-hour training is entirely focused on your needs. You go away with a solid action plan, a good understanding of SEO and the right tools to get the job done. Perry has extensive knowledge of the ever-changing world of SEO and the ability to communicate things simply. I highly recommend training from Calgary Web Solutions Digital Marketing Company for anyone who wants to obtain a hands-on understanding of SEO.

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10 Minutes absolutely free no-obligation SEO Consultation for your Company’s SEO Training or Digital Marketing requirements. Everything is discussed in 1 on 1 mode and recommendations provided as per specific requirements. Pl. fill the form or email a brief description of your present status and future Internet Marketing goals of your company

Anyone looking for the Swiss Army knife of search engine optimization (SEO), web design and social media program execution need, look no further than Calgary Web Solutions Digital Marketing Company. Perry possesses a broad perspective as well as the experience to execute projects from kick-off to go-live. I look forward to collaborating with Perry again soon.

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As an SEO consultant and trainer, Perry is professional, speedy and he gets results. His SEO expertise and his ability to adapt that expertise to work within a restrictive system makes Perry my very first choice for any and all SEO projects

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Calgary Businessman

Perry is a true professional. He asks the right questions, tailors the response and ensure that his delivery is of the highest quality. I have recommended his work to anybody and would not hesitate to hire him in the future. Perry is fantastic and his positive attitude is contagious.

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The best SEO training in Calgary: Frequently asked questions

How much does SEO course cost?

Most of the quality SEO courses cost between $1,000 and $5,000, you need to pick the best SEO training program for you. You need to find a recognized SEO expert that has the knowledge, experience, and proven track record.

We provide a perfect solution to your requirement, which is customized for higher ranking of websites. It may include a mix of SEO consulting and training based on effective keywords to get first page rankings for the target audience in the local market.

Who is going to be my SEO Tutor ?

At Calgary Web Solutions Digital Marketing Company, your own SEO Specialist Perry Minhas with vast experience in Search Engine Rankings and in-depth knowledge of Local SEO, Web design, Google search and Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) of major search engines will teach you about SEO strategies and search queries. As one of the leading SEO Experts in Calgary Ab, his training sessions are excellent for the small business owner for driving more website traffic and higher ranking. Live instructor-led training will focus on the right keywords for your website with targeted users and customer base in mind to get top rankings as well as new visitors to your website.

How do I become SEO Certified?

A Certification is awarded after completing an assessment at the end of a specific course.

Some of the various reputed certifications are :

HubSpot Inbound Marketing Course

SEMrush Academy

Click minded SEO Training

Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Certification Training by Market motive

These certificates are important to your development, they will not make you an SEO expert. True expertise comes through a combination of training or learning, experience, practicing on various online marketing strategies and getting great results for real-world businesses.

You can take courses and get certifications in beginner’s SEO, advanced SEO, Local SEO inbound marketing, link building competitive analysis, keyword research, and much more.

At Calgary Web Solutions, we don’t provide any certification only SEO Strategy to rank your website in Search Engine Result Pages is explained using organic SEO.

Is SEO Easy to learn

There are a lot of online resources you can use to start learning SEO. It is not that hard to learn. All you have to do is be willing to allocate the necessary time and effort to learn the various SEO concepts.

The basics of SEO are not hard to understand. But later on, SEO Success comes when potential customers find your business online.

Is SEO a good career choice

It’s a good choice if you’re passionate about Internet marketing and ‘all things internet’. It’s certainly a career of continual learning and development, great financial reward potential, and appeals to those with a competitive streak.

How do become Google certified SEO Specialist

Google does not offer any SEO certification program. If you want to become a Google SEO expert, you can follow SEO course training from a third-party provider and get certified.

What syllabus do you cover during SEO Course

Here is a brief about the course contents we cover during our training program :

1 Digital Marketing and SEO Basics

2 Keywords research and analysis

3 Google and other SEO Tools

4 On-page SEO

5 OFF PAGE SEO and link building

6 Advanced SEO Techniques

Who should attend training

Following persons from different walks of life can take the training to learn the advanced skills of Search Engine Optimization.

  1. I.T Students
  2. Business owners who don’t know how their website can flourish their business
  3. Web designer and developer
  4. Marketing companies
  5. Affiliate marketers

What makes Calgary Web Solutions, the best choice for SEO Training

1   Only one to one classes with individual attention depending on the learning style. Personalized training instead of a huge batch system. You learn Search Engine Optimization from a Digital Marketing professional having executed digital marketing campaigns and have hands-on experience in online advertising.

2   Gain detailed insights on advanced web analytics. Learn popular tools like Google Analytics, Keywords Planner, Google Trends and Google Search Console.

3    SEO Consulting provided by the best Calgary SEO company.

4    Local and Mobile SEO explained in the marketing strategy for small businesses to improve online visibility and high ranking of the brand name.

5    Other digital marketing platforms like social media, email marketing, press releases, local area user searches, local SEO, great website content services for web pages, which are part of the perfect solution for driving traffic and getting more reviews and in turn making more money are also explained.

6   Search Engine optimization techniques for Google and other search engines for more traffic and online presence. Small business owners get a better idea. Learn SEO and enhance your business profile in this digital age.

7   Digital Marketing training courses include learning Search Engine basics to ranking in Search Engine Results Page in SEO Classes.

8 Instructor-led Course covers social media, email marketing, understanding of Google Algorithms depending upon the learning goals of the students. The best option is to choose a customized package from our online courses to get a better understating of web marketing. A basic understanding of the internet is needed to improve existing skills and to online market the Products and services of your business.

9   Online training course covers to provide hands-on marketing initiatives to improve search results and have a better understanding of Search Engine Results Pages.

10  Digital Marketing courses by various training providers may not have that much in-depth coverage as our institute provides.

Where is your institute located?

We are located in Jacksonport Professional Centre, NE Calgary. Some of the nearby small and medium business complexes are Cityscape Landing, The Port, Jacksonport Plaza. We are just 1-minute walking distance from Jacksonport Car Wash and an almost 5 minutes drive from the intersection of Deerfoot and Stoney Trail in NE Calgary Ab.

Along with SEO Services in Calgary, the best Internet Marketing Company also provides WordPress training in Calgary.

We have students from nearby towns of Airdrie, Chestermere, Brooks Red Deer and other Alberta Towns

Let’s Learn SEO Together!

For more information and better results, Call at the number shown below or drop us a mail at our email address to start your journey to become an expert in SEO Industry. You can visit our office in Jacksonport Professional Centre NE Calgary