Google Ads Management Services in Calgary

What is Google Ads ?

Google Ads (previously known as AdWords) is an advertising service, provided by Google, that enables businesses to serve ads to Google users based on their search queries. The ads appear alongside, above or below results from Google’s search engine. Google is one of most widely used advertising platforms on the internet. As per Google reports about half of searches conducted on Google are unique. This gives an opportunity to advertisers to reach potential customers at relevant places when they are making purchase decisions. Business owners will find their potential clients through display or text ads, wherever they see fit to show up.  Google Ads Management services in Calgary make sure that your ads only appear when someone is actually looking for you, by charging you each time your ad is clicked.

Why is Google Ads Important?

Time for you to gain local exposure via our exceptional local SEO service in Calgary

With Google, your business can generate more leads and sales faster than with any other marketing medium. To fully reap these benefits you need to manage your AdWords account effectively. This is not always an easy task if you’re new to managing Google ads or don’t have sufficient experience with online advertising. At Calgary Web Solutions, we provide our clients with expert Google ads management services that will help their ad spend deliver results quickly and efficiently. We are one of leading value-added service providers offering high quality Google Ads management services in Calgary. Our trained and professional team of specialists monitors client accounts on a daily basis using unique tools and reporting dashboards which enable us to optimize client’s campaigns quickly based on performance data generated by extensive monitoring.

Why Should You Choose Calgary Web Solutions for Google Ads Management Services?

We all want to reach our target audience in the most effective way possible, but many businesses don’t know where to start when it comes to choosing an advertising agency in India. Many of our clients ask us what makes us different from other agencies in India, and why they should choose us over another company with similar offerings. Let’s discuss why you should choose Calgary Web Solutions for Google Ads management services in Calgary.

 We Provide Quality Services at Affordable Rates

Our team is very dedicated to providing you with high-quality services at affordable prices. We believe that delivering value should never come at a huge cost. That’s why we do our best to keep our charges as reasonable as possible, while offering top-notch quality of service.

 We Help increase sales of Business

Getting more traffic to your website is just half of what you need. The other half is getting more sales from that traffic, which is where Google ads come into play. If done right, Google ads can dramatically increase sales of your products. If you are having an online store, Calgary web solutions helps you in increasing sales for your business through Google Ads.

 Improves Brand Awareness and Recognition of Business Online

Search engine marketing helps with branding. When you advertise on search engines, your brand is being advertised alongside other companies that are generally considered to be leaders in their industry or related ones. This boosts your company’s image, which increases consumer confidence and brand recognition. It also gives consumers a way to find you when they are looking for products or services like yours. This kind of attention is very positive for your business.

 Calgary Web Solutions Digital Marketing Company is a renowned SEO Agency in Calgary. Operating out of Jacksonport Professional Centre, in NE Calgary, we provide services to Airdrie, Chestermere, Cochrane, Okotoks and other parts of Southern Alberta. Our office is situated just south of the intersection of Country Hills Blvd.  and 36 st. NE. Nearby communities of Skyview Ranch, CityScape, Cornerstone and Redstone are just 10 minutes drive from the location.

A Guide to Our Agency’s Google Advertisement Management

Display Ads

Display ads can show your ads on various online sites, depending on which you choose. A display ad may appear as a banner on a website, or it may pop up when someone lands on a page with relevant content.

Shopping Ads

Shopping ads appear when shoppers search on their mobile devices for products and services like yours. You might even be surprised at how many people are searching for your products and services right now—just not on your website. By advertising to them directly with shopping ads, you can get in front of potential customers and drive them to your site.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising involves displaying ads on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. This new form of advertising is particularly attractive because it allows advertisers to reach customers on a device that they are very likely using at any given time.

 Video Ads

Using video ads as a component of your online advertising strategy can be a highly effective way to reach customers. Because they are more likely to capture consumer attention, you’ll often achieve higher click-through rates on these ads, driving more traffic to your site. Because video ads are generally longer than other types of ad formats, it also gives you an opportunity to further elaborate on your offer or product in greater detail.

 Frequently Asked Questions about Google Advertisement Management Company

Why should I hire Google ads management services?

As a website owner, you would know that SEO may be sufficient for increasing organic traffic, but that does not mean it is enough to maximize your ROI. For instance, if your website offers a specific service or product, ads management could help you direct leads to your site. This would make it easier to convert them into paying customers. In short, advertising may be great for attracting traffic to your site and helping you monetize it effectively.

Would Google Ads help me in growing business?

If you’re struggling to grow your business, Google Ads could be a big help. Understanding how it works and why it can benefit you can save your business time and money and allow you to focus on more productive marketing strategies.

“My competition isn’t running ads, so why should I run Google ads Campaign?

If your competitors aren’t running ads on search engines. It’s good for you as there will be low competition and you can easily increase leads and sales of your business at low prices and can outrank your competitors.

What other Digital marketing services can also help ?

Calgary SEO Company provides all kinds of Online Marketing services including Social Media Marketing, SEO Consulting, web design services, Local SEO Services to improve search rankings and drive traffic to your website. Local SEO Experts at professional SEO Company use various digital marketing strategies to grow your business and improve search engine ranking. Google Analytics and Google Search Console are some of the tools used by Calgary SEO Experts for SEO Optimization to provide expert SEO Services. Along with SEO Services in Calgary, the best Internet Company provides WordPress Website Development Services too.

Where is your office located?

We are located in Jacksonport Professional Centre, NE Calgary.  We are close to Jacksonport Car Wash and an almost 5 minutes drive from the intersection of Deerfoot and Stoney Trail in NE Calgary Ab. Some of the nearby small and medium business complexes are The Port, Cityscape Plaza and Jacksonport Plaza.


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