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Want to learn SEO from a leading SEO Trainer in calgary? Want to rank your website on various Search Engines like Google, Bing? Perry Minhas is your one stop solution! Perry Minhas is an expert and digital Marketing and best SEO trainer in Calgary. Want to learn SEO from scratch? Then he is perfect for you. He has more than 10+ years of practical experience in digital marketing areas such as SEO, PPC, Google ads and so on. He also works as digital marketing and SEO consultants in some of the big firms. He has been a seo trainer for many college students as well as business professionals. The goal of our seo trainer and expert instructor Perry Minhas is to deliver Comprehensive training to their students that helps them in the business and career. His main emphasis is on practical training which encompasses 70% rather than on theoretical training which is only 30% of their whole SEO training module.

During the course, you’ll learn about all of Google’s latest algorithm updates, including Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird, Pigeon and more. You’ll also learn how to optimize content for search engines. The instructor or mentor will explain every aspect of SEO (search Engine optimization) in simple terms so that everyone can understand it. This course includes class participation as well as two hours of hands-on instruction where you get to work on real websites with our expert guide. Our certified instructor has over years of experience training individuals one-on-one online, so you can rest assured you are getting top quality training for your hard earned money. Nowhere else in Calgary offers such an intensive (and productive) learning experience at such a reasonable price! He is the best teacher, mentor, guide in Calgary to learn SEO.

Apart from Digital marketing training, he is a WordPress expert also. He provides WordPress website development training from the very basics to expert level. He does not only train you  how to create websites but he will train you how to create SEO friendly website that help you in bringing visibility and rank on different search engines such as Google, Bing, etc. So, what are you waiting for? Looking for best SEO training in Calgary? Join our SEO training program and become an SEO expert in a few weeks.

 Benefits of SEO training from Perry Minhas


1)   In-Person Training

Want to get personal or dedicated attention from your SEO trainer? Don’t Worry! We provide in-person training to our students. Online classes are also available. But we focus more on offline training sessions as we believe in-person training helps in creating a good bond between trainer and students which will motivate their students to ask more queries from the instructors and clear all their doubts.

2) Improve Search Rankings

The more you know about search engine optimization, or SEO, the better your chances are at ranking on top of Google, Bing and other major search engines.  After taking an SEO Training course from a SEO trainer in Calgary can help you improve your on-page content so that it maximizes search rankings. Learn how to use keyword research to target relevant keywords that will help improve your site’s search rankings. This information might also help you gain insight into new business ventures by helping you identify what industry competitors are doing well in terms of website design and user experience.

3) Attract Clients

Clients and clients don’t just find you because you offer a service. To get new clients, or even to improve how existing ones perceive your business, SEO training is an invaluable tool. Clients want to feel valued; they need to know that you understand what they value and how their individual needs are being met. A great way to accomplish all of these goals is by offering valuable information on topics relevant to their professional growth, which is exactly what SEO training from our SEO expert and consultant Perry Minhaswill help you.

4) Raise Brand Image of Business

Your company’s brand image reflects your business. The role of an SEO consultant is to raise your business’ brand image in a way that helps drive sales. According to a survey, overall, 63% of consumers are likely to buy from a company recommended by someone they know. As an SEO consultant, you can help build trust in your client’s brand through social media campaigns and positive reviews on popular review sites like Yelp and Google My Business. SEO training programs from Perry Minhas will teach you how to market effectively so you can translate your knowledge into revenue. You may even find that it helps with customer retention by building up awareness around your company’s services or products.


The future for online search is constantly evolving. With SEO training, you can continually adapt to emerging trends and ever-changing best practices. No matter how far search evolves, however, one thing is certain: Search will continue to be an integral part of our daily lives. Thankfully, for anyone in need of SEO training, SEO consultants are here to help! Looking for professional SEO training or related services? Don’t hesitate to call us and connect with our SEO specialist at Calgary web solutions.

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Authored by Perry Minhas

A Blogger, Author and trainer, Perry Minhas is recognized as a Digital Marketing Strategist. Has extensive experience in Wordress, SEO and Internet Marketing.